Quic-Key Painter Edging Paint Brush Quic-Key Painter Roller Paint Brush Quic-Key Painter Painting Paint Brush

Finally a real breakthrough in
professional painting tools!!!

Quic-key Painter® is distributed in Canada by Dynamic Paint Products Ltd, the nations leading wholesale distributor of paint sundry products. The dealer locator on this site will list dealers in your area.

The Cutting Edge™ adjustable painting tool and the 3" and 5" mini Roller-Brush™ are fast becoming the paint tools of choice in a professional painter's toolbox. On this site you will see how a non professional can paint a typical bedroom with a full cut-in to all surfaces in less than 30 minutes.

These amazing edging tools eliminate the majority of ladder work, brush work, and taping. They also eliminate "Picture Framing", that annoying texture differential that brush lines leave next to roller application. These products will help you achieve a professional looking paint job more easily and in less time!

The ability of a tool to apply paint with the speed of a roller, yet cut like a brush is now made possible by the amazing Cutting Edge™ Tool with the Roller-Brush™ sleeve. The power and ability of these painting tools is derived from a combination of the adjustable angle on the main tool and the unique Roller-Brush™ roller covers, with their Patented paint shield components.

Like the majority of painting tools, painting techniques must be learned. Painters with average skills will learn how to use these painting tools in a matter of minutes. Take the time to watch the painting "How to Video Help" where you can learn some interior wall painting tips that can save you time.